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The IHOPKC ELT actions are reprehensible causing harm to victims, advocates, and the church. 

Nov,21,2023 I am publicly calling for the resignation of the IHOPKC ELT. For the safety of the church and all involved at IHOPKC, I am asking for A third-party investigation. I accept the testimony of Dwayne Roberts, Brian Kim, Allen Hood, Wes Martin, and Randy Bohlender. These men are not investigators they are full-time pastors. A third party will provide a safe environment for the women and an opportunity for Mike Bickle to respond. I pray the Lord brings the truth to light.  Brother John Elving.

Galatians 6:2 KJV Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Pastor Randy Bohlender Youtube 10/29/23

For anyone who is a victim of IHOPKC, This is the link to Boz who is helping the victims.


Share Your Story

We know that change is carried by the voices of brave survivors who share their stories. This platform serves as way for you to use your voice and anonymously share your stories and experiences with IHOP–KC.

Shiloh Bickle Facebook Re-post Catherine Sleznger, I AM NOT A VICTIM 


Misty Edwards I am not one of them

Kansas City Police Department: Call (816) 234-5220 or email
MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault): Call the crisis hotline at (816) 531-0233 in Missouri or (913) 642-0233 in Kansas.
Kansas Crisis Hotline: Call (888) 363-2287
DRZ Law: Call (913) 400-2033 to request a free case evaluation.

Suggestions were made to the ELT of various options of Independent Investigative groups and future care for victim therapy. To have this characterized as “dictating the use of funds” is egregious. Mischaracterizing “demands, threats, and true objectives” is deceptive and slanderous and has led to the concerned leaders receiving online threats, curses, and harassment—all after IHOPKC’s public statement. Such slanderous mischaracterizations must be walked back. CLICK HERE 

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Images source Facebook Samuel J Hood

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Steven Strang is reporting that There is not a shred of evidence for any other women. He has read the testimony of Allen and Rachel Hood walking with a survivor and is claiming it is "Heresay" Many comments on Stevens's video are saying they are happy to hear Mike Bickle has been exonerated.

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Image source public Domain Facebook 

Whistleblower Fires Back LINK

“We are firmly convinced that no charge should be made against an elder except in the case of two or three witnesses,” Roberts stated. “The fact that around 20 witnesses have come forward with first-hand experience of impropriety was why we could no longer remain silent.”

Roberts specifically took exception to the report’s claim that “victim #2” had “partial credibility.”


“This case includes a relationship between a 42-year-old internationally renowned minister and a 19-year-old, a relationship that began with prophetic manipulation and became a 4-year sexualized relationship that lasted into the early years of IHOPKC,” Roberts stated.

 Nate Hagerty Facebook Nov, 17,2023  LINK TO SOURCE

 This post is difficult to write, especially in such a way that could possibly make sense to those who haven't spent any time here in Kansas City, or at IHOPKC. So if that's you, scroll away, I suppose.

Sara Elizabeth and I have deep compassion for different emotional journeys that happen as new information comes to light. We love our local family, in all of its different expressions.

But for whatever this might be worth, we firmly and deeply stand with Dwayne Roberts, Wes Martin, Elizabeth Zion Herder, Allen Hood and others who have been patiently, heartbreakingly, and kindly advocating behind the scenes on behalf of various women (and men) who have been abused, traumatized, and in many ways devastated by Mike Bickle.

We are all on a journey of understanding ... but Sara and I have seen things over the past few years that have eliminated any confusion for us about the nature of this abuse, its reality, and the danger of allowing it to persist. We have been in small rooms with leadership over various aspects of this over multiple years now, and we have lost confidence in the ability of the Executive Leadership Team of IHOPKC to effectively navigate it.

It is so painful to write that, to live it. We have loved so deeply these men and women leaders in our community, and we still do. As do all of us who have been quietly working to bring these issues (and ones that contributed to a culture of hiding sin and covering for Mike) to light, always seeking guidance from the Scriptural standards of Matthew 18 and 1 Timothy 5.

But as recent ELT statements have come forth that do not (at all) accurately reflect what we know to be true, and furthermore which have maligned the intentions and care of very thoughtful, humble, and godly men and women, we couldn't *not* say something. We know the truth of these matters, and have deep friendship with both victims and advocates.

This is an excellent article, from a very trustworthy reporter -- who loves the church -- and does a good job of clearing up (some) inaccuracies, including new public comments from Dwayne:

Lastly, we are raising our voice because there many important reasons that victims -- and people like Dwayne, Wes, Elizabeth (and the dozen or so leaders and former leaders who are also advocating behind the scenes) -- CANNOT yet do so. At first, it was because they still believed that this would be handled well by our friends in the ELT. But now, very sadly, it is for legal reasons.

This thing never should have had to get legal. But here we are.

And I suppose I see the significance of small voices speaking what they know and what they have seen. Years ago, Sara and I left the IHOPKC community after trying for months to bring light to a hidden sin that had profound and devastating implications for the families involved. We watched Mike stymie these efforts to bring light and we knew we couldn’t continue under his leadership. The "mission" moved on as these families were destroyed under the covering of Mike’s leadership -- covering the sins that destroyed them.

So here we are, adding our small voice to say that there is another story than the one being presented from the leadership.

We’re so grateful for the voices of ones like Dwayne, Wes, Elizabeth, Allen, Brian and their spouses – willing to publicly disrupt a ministry and a vision in order that darkness would be exposed and brought to light. Jesus has no loyalty to a ministry or a "prophetic history" but He is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Video Nov 18, 2023  (My Plea to the IHOPKC Leadership Team) Transcript 

...My plea tonight there's more coming not just from us there's more coming across the board just step aside for God's sake just just resign and step aside or outwith it or why in the world why in the world I just imagine if an allegation came at me or something I go bring the third party on let's do this right now bring the 30 third party on let's do it right now but the fact that all these lawyers and all this stuff it's like this is not the body of Christ This is a dang mess this is an absolute mess and you should be ashamed of this if you're in the place now of running the machine as a leader this is not your legacy wh why would you continue on just step aside and let the truth come out let it come out...

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 1.45.09 PM.png
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Joel Richardson- facebook Nov 9/2023 LINK TO SOURCE 

Regarding the IHOP scandal, how these type of things tend to unfold is a pattern as old as mankind. The first effort will be to discredit all of the men and women who have come forward as whistleblowers and their advocates.

Mike will likely make an official mea culpa statement in which he takes responsibility for some issues, but not nearly all of the things for which he is actually guilty. This will be enough however, to elicit tremendous sympathy and support.

There will be a friendly or a weak investigation. Mike will likely be removed from ministry for a short period but then reinstated. I want to be very very clear here. Mike Bickle was my hero. I esteemed him not only for his excellent Bible teaching, but more than anything for his integrity and character. But based on everything that I have seen and heard, I absolutely believe that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing who needs to be removed from ministry permanently. I am willing to lose everything over this. efore this is all said and done many more heartbreaking revelations will emerge. If they don't, just know that there is so much being covered up, enough to make one sick. I understand that many out there are trying to understand this nightmare. Many will likely be very angry at me for saying these things. What I'm saying is truth and I am willing to die on this hill

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